Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Bowler Hat

The Bowler Hat, or Derby, as it is known in the United States, comes from... where else? London. First seen in 1850 as the creation of George and James Lock, this fun shape was meant to be used as a hard hat for the horse-riding set. Yawn! In a short while it became de riguer  at horsey events of the aformentioned milieu.  Muïo-Bix loves wearing his fully aware of the fact that he is taking it out of this, shall we say stagnant context, and wearing it with his BillyBoy* print shirt and his handsome face down the streets of any city center. 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Casual Day

Muïo-Bix is the boy-next-door in his original overalls and a black felt baseball cap. In the background, his friend and personal trainer, Zhdrick, looks on.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Manly Portraits

The close-up of the very handsome Muïo-Bix face reveals the fine sculpting and keen understanding of bone structure.

Their masculinity is undeniable as well as their depth of thought and emotions.

The young men captivate with their longing looks as well as with their defiant gazes.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

SW JAPAN Exclusive Limited Editions

BillyBoy* created three young men dolls in 1994: Muio-Bix, brother to Mdvanii and Edie, Jobii, brother to Dheei and Tzulli, and Ishwar, brother to Soraya and Ouimi. The three young men had the same skin color as their sisters.

Muïo--Bix was introduced first, in 1995-96 in several limited edition series, exclusive to Sumiko Watanabe. The dolls had sculpted-on ceramic hair - from very short “rapper” styles to medium length looks. Most of them had blue eyes and either brown or red hair and they all had a pierced ear. The dolls are hand painted.

Different from the stylized early Mdvanii sculpts, Muïo-Bix presents a more specific vision of male beauty. The face sculpt is generous with details and boasts self-assured noses, full lips, and chiseled cheekbones. The body sculpt is a graceful and realistic representation of an athletic body with well-defined pectoral and abdominal muscles.

The dolls are made of six pieces of porcelain de Sèvres strung together to provide smooth and graceful articulation. They are 10-inches tall and are engraved “BillyBoy*-Déposé 94” on their left buttock. They also have a “BillyBoy*-Surreal Bijoux” gold tag implanted in the middle of their backs, between the shoulder plates. Like the other dolls, Muïo-Bix is anatomically defined. Muïo-Bix practices safer sex and for this reason, the dolls come with a condom in their box.

36-15 Bricolo Series

"36-15 Bricolo" series features Chambray (jean-style) dungarees with 2 tools in pockets, red silk neckerchief, multi-colored wristband, and sandals. Accessories: five different miniature tools, a wooden toolbox, and a condom. Doll has a one-of-a-kind molded-on ceramic hairdo in reddish brown.

Jardin Secret Series

"Jardin Secret" (Secret Garden) series features Chambray (jean-style fabric) dungarees with one tool in the front pocket, red silk neckerchief, multi-colored wristband, and sandals. Accessories: a flowerpot, five gardening tools, one gardening box, three miniature seed bags with real flower seeds, and a condom. Dolls have one-of-a-kind molded-on ceramic hairdos in dark brown.

No. 7

Birthday Party Series

Birthday Party Series

"Birthday Party" series features deep violet wool pants with contrasting stitching, rare BillyBoy* Surreal Couture print fabric or Patrick Imhof fabric or a white running shirt, sandals, and a beaded necklace. Accessories: box of Coca-Cola bottles, assortment of cakes for a birthday party, and a condom. Dolls have one-of-a-kind molded-on ceramic hairdos in reddish brown.

No. 4

No. 12